How to show your support for Indigenous Communities beyond #cancelcanadaday

July 1st is nationally designated as Canada Day and a celebration of the nation’s history. But we cannot forget that Canada’s history includes victimization through colonialism, assimilation, genocide of innocents, and an ignorance of past human rights violations. The recent discovery of the remains of over 1000 Indigenous children at various residential schools over the past month is only heartbreaking proof of such violence enabled by the leaders of our country.

Together we must stand in solidarity with Indigenous people in ways that are proactive instead of reactive. We must acknowledge both their suffering and their current place in our society. The AHSC takes July 1st to mourn the loss of thousands of children and the families that have been greatly affected to this day because of the injustices that have been committed against them.

Below Find some resources and tips for supporting Indigenous Communities provided by our Equity Portfolio.

1) Supporting Indigenous Communities

Donate to Indian Residential School Survivors Society (IRSSS)

2) Learn how to correctly do an Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

Guide to Indigenous Land Acknowledgements:

3) Be aware of ongoing Campaigns supporting Indigenous Communities near you

Campaigns that support Indigenous communities are ongoing throughout the year and all over Canada. Below are 2 major Campaigns you should learn more about:

4) Pressure those in Power

The action won't happen unless these campaigns are seen all over, including to people with Leadership roles and public influence. Start small by educating people in your community or go big and Pressure elected officials to actually follow the 94 Calls to Action by Truth and Reconciliation:

5) Learn about the Two-Spirit Community

Two-Spirit, or the 2S part of LGBTQ2S+, is an Indigenous term used to describe someone who possesses both a masculine and feminine spirit. The term is used by Indigenous people in order to identify their sexuality, gender identity, and spirituality. Those who identify as Two-Spirit are greatly revered in the Indigenous community as they have both masculine and feminine perspectives.

More information about the Two-Spirit Community can be found here:

6) Support and Amplify Indigenous Communities through Social Media

There are several Indigenous people and communities that are using their platforms to amplify the Indigenous cultures and campaigns, Do your part by following their accounts, provide positive support and share their content with friends. Below is some suggestions for IG Accounts to Follow + Support/Amplify:






In addition to supporting Indigenous accounts, take action yourself by posting on your account about how you support Indigenous communities and make sure to use hashtag #settlerstakeaction

7) Learn about Canadian Indigenous artist

In support of the Cancel Canada Day/Every Child Matters movement this July, the AHSC has shared some prominent Canadian Indigenous artists and has celebrated their contributions through their work. Read our latest post with the AHSC's top 6 Canadian Indigenous Artists, along with their short biography and contributions.