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Arts and Humanities Facebook Must Knows Group

Hey Arts and Humanities students: thinking of getting involved with clubs and committees but don’t know where to start? Have questions about a specific course? Have ideas or feedback for the student experience at your program, but unsure where and whom to direct them?

Join the Arts & Humanities Must Knows at UWO Facebook Group today! As an open platform intended for discussions and connections, students can post questions and comments about their experiences within the faculty (i.e. research projects, leadership programs), and to stay connected with the A&H faculty’s programming throughout the school year by learning about the different initiatives organized by the faculty members and student council. 💙💜

If you know anyone who is an Arts and Humanities student (registered in at least 0.5 A&H courses) or are simply interested, invite them to join the group TODAY!

Click here to join our FB must knows page!

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