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An increasingly prevalent part of university culture is the believed invalidation of hard work unless it comes with sleep deprivation, missed meals and showers, and withdrawal from fun social events. It has become far too common for students to talk about unhealthy study habits as if they were acceptable. The Person First Project aims to combat this unsustainable mindset/behaviour by starting a discussion about your experiences with the life-and-school balance, encouraging you to talk about this issue and learn from each other methods to overcome it. This submissions system has the option of anonymity so that you can participate without any fear of judgment or exposure. These stories will be released on a regular basis as a photo series on social media, accumulated throughout the year, and put together in a small publication to be distributed during the second semester finals season and to first years on O-Week either as part of or with Premier. This publication will also include healthy study tips, de-stress methods, easy recipes, and mental health/academic resources.

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