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USC Councilor Monthly Updates: August

Here is the August USC meeting recap provided by our USC Councillor Celine! Swipe to see what the USC met to discuss last month, and the results of the motions!

For information on motions that have not been included here for brevity, or for any questions or comments in general, please feel free to email the Arts Councillor at

USC Meeting (highlights)

  • USC Meeting Motions

  • Motion 4

  • Description: Elect councillors to the anti-sexual gender based violence working group (Councillor Tsang and President Bradley ran, and President Bradley was successfully elected!)

  • Result: N/A

  • Arts vote: N/A

  • Motion 6

  • Description: Approve recommended changes to By-Law #2 to make elections more accessible to candidates and students-at-large.

  • Result: Passed

  • Arts vote: In favour

  • Motion 8

  • Description: Allow councillors with placements and CELs to teleconference into Council meetings.

  • Result: Passed

  • Arts vote: In favour

  • Motion 10

  • Description: Endorse the amended Peer Programs mission and vision statements, and Instagram biographies.

  • Result: Passed

  • Arts vote: In favour

  • Motion 11

  • Description: Advocate for vaccine mandates and vaccine accessibility.

  • Result: Passed

  • Arts vote: In favour

  • Motion 12

  • Description: Declare a state of “Climate Emergency”, and for the USC to commit to investigate sustainability practices and advocate similar declarations to the university and UWOFA.

  • Result: Passed unanimously

  • Arts vote: In favour

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