The AHSC Departmental Committees (DCs) are entities formally recognized and funded by the AHSC. Though working independently from the AHSC, they can work collaboratively with the AHSC and other DCs to share resources. DCs are another way in which the AHSC strives to enhance the student experience of all A&H students in each department. Learn more about them below and find out how you can create your own DC by reviewing our Constitution. 


Hi Western!

Our names are Riley Metcalfe and Claire McNamara, and we are this year's Presidents of VASA: the Visual Arts Supporters Association at Western! We are an association dedicated to supporting the visual arts, our students, the department and the arts community here on campus at Western.

Whether you are an artist, an arts supporter or just curious to know what we're about, VASA hosts a number of events open to all students at Western. A number of these events, like art sales, social nights, screenings and shows will happen right here on campus. We make these events to give the opportunity for students to meet, to promote their artwork, to get to know each other and to work together. VASA is a network of students for students, and this year we're putting art on the map.


There are a number of ways to get involved with VASA! Find our executive team at one of our department events or submit your art into a show. Send us an email or stay current with our Facebook page and events if you'd like to know more about us! We can't wait for September and everything Western has to offer.

Best wishes, Mustangs! 

Riley and Claire




The Western Undergraduate Film Society is a community of students with one thing in common: their love of films! With weekly screenings that are open to all, there is always a way to be apart of the WUFS family. WUFS has many avenues that members can have as their primary focus, such as scheduling the screenings, hosting/planning the socials, or even our annual projects such as, Kino: The Undergraduate Film Journal or WUFS Film Festival, both showcase the creative minds of our fellow students at Western! WUFS is always looking for eager film lovers that would love to be apart of our team. We are especially looking for first year representatives to learn and pass along the WUFS tradition as the years go on. If you’re interested or have any questions, please email 


Dear Arts and Humanities Students,

We are Reese Carr and Yasmin Ahmed, this year’s Women’s Studies Student Collective co-presidents. Women’s Studies and Feminist Research is more than just a department, it is filled with programs that promote creative thinking, learning outside the traditional standards and both academic and personal growth. The Women’s Studies Student Collective (WSSC) is responsible for expanding on that growth, allowing each individual to express themselves in a like-minded space where you can build a community outside of academics. Although we are small in numbers, the collective aims to be highly involved and active within Western University.

This year, as the collective co-presidents, we will be focusing on creating safe spaces on campus where Women’s Studies students can take a deep breath, discuss and grasp the intensity of the material we are introduced to. That is what we’re all about, creating these spaces and making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. In addition, we also aim to challenge and defeat the injustices that are present within our own community. All in all, we believe that it is important to take what you learn in the classroom and apply that knowledge to your everyday encounters. It is almost impossible to avoid doing so in our program, this is why the WSSC does more than simply represent Women’s Studies students but also involve and participate in feminist discussions and events. We welcome any individuals to join our collective and come to our events, if you have any questions or just 

want to talk please do not hesitate to contact either of us! 

Reese Carr:  

Yasmin Ahmed:  




ICONOCLAST is an arts & culture collective created out of a desire to have interdisciplinary conversations about things that affect us all as students and people on campus. In particular, we hope to examine these experiences through an intersectional, inclusive, and expressive lens, elevating the personal experience. Although we are housed in the warm arms of the AHSC, we welcome students from every department to contribute: scientists who write poetry, musicians who paint, English majors who do performance art, engineers who take photos—we want to see all of your work. We release a bi-annual publication online and in print, and are expanding our events to include gallery showings and workshops. We want Western students of diverse backgrounds to contribute to a community that will bring out the creative underground of our campus.

Whether you make creative content or not, our launch parties are always a good time and we have other activities brewing for the semester. Highlights include print copies of our publication, live music, cool venues, and good company!

If you want to get involved, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or shoot us an email at Browse our publications and web exclusives at Hope to hear from you soon!


Love ♡,

Jerika, Veronica and Catherine

Directors of Iconoclast 


The Coterie is a society of English and Writing students who are dedicated to building a community of passionate literature and writing students within the faculty. We help students find opportunities to share their work, connect with their peers and the English and Writing Faculty, as well as help create awareness about the opportunities available to students in university and beyond. We will be hosting a biannual poetry slam, as well as several various English and writing social events; in the past, this has included board game nights, book-to-movie film screenings, and academic and career information sessions. Coterie events are open to students from all faculties and every event is free to attend! If you’re in an English module looking to get more involved within the community, consider joining our executive team as a first-year representative and help shape what goes on in our department! 


Link to our application:





The Classics Society is a collective of passionate individuals - whether you are currently enrolled in a Classics module, love the Greeks and Romans, or were just super into Disney’s Hercules as a kid. Through our monthly events, we work to create an environment where everyone can nerd out with friends, new and old. Events include movie nights, games, field trips, study sessions during midterm and exam seasons and more. The Classics Society's main goal is to foster a sense of community in the department with undergrads, graduate students, and faculty, creating a richer experience for all. 

Aside from fun times, we also hope to broaden the mind about the ways that Classical Studies can be incorporated into other disciplines, and how it can be used beyond the university classroom with the help of the Classic’s Department’s amazing professors.
We wish you an amazing year, and hope that we will get to see you at the upcoming events we and the department have in store for you! Have any questions? Want to be our first year rep? Check us out at our Facebook @westernclassicssociety or email us at 


The School of Thought Undergraduate Philosophy Club is here to bring together anyone who loves to philosophize. Whether you're studying philosophy or biology, we want to hear your voice as we think about identity, knowledge, and if a hotdog really is a sandwich. From Ancient Greece to today, much of philosophy is about open dialogue, and we intend to honour that tradition with discussion groups where we hand pick topics to discuss as a group. We also run events that are more like lectures in that there is one speaker and one topic, but completely unlike a lecture in that you will never hear a professor talk about what your favourite movie can tell you about living the good life. Bigger things are on their way too! Stay tuned for our philosophy conference by liking us on Facebook.