Trouble, Conniving and Underestimated: A Review of No Exit at the TAP Theatre

No Exit, directed by Lela Burt and presented by The Arts & Humanities Student Council, is truly an introspective gem that plays upon the fears and insecurities we all have as living beings. The show expertly reflecting parts of ourselves within irredeemable souls with whom we otherwise would never associate. TAP Centre for Creativity’s black box theatre and thrust stage allowed for a more intimate show with different angles that allowed certain aspects of characters and actions during scenes to go unseen, adding an almost elusive edge to the production.

Written by Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit depicts Hell, in which three damned souls, Joseph Garcin (Aaron Fysh), Inez Serrano (Brook Rabinovici) and Estelle Delaunay (Cameron Cawston) punishments are to be locked within an uncomfortable room with each other for all of eternity. Wit