Applications to sit on the First Year Students’ Caucus, International Students’ Caucus and Mature and Transfer Students’ Caucus are due October 29th and can be found HERE.

USC offers autonomy and voice to special-interest student groups with caucuses

The University Students’ Council is excited to introduce a new caucus framework to the council’s governing structure.

Caucuses, which can act as an avenue for special-interest groups on campus to have their voice heard, will operate like a think-tank – meeting to discuss issues relating to them and recommending policy or action by the council.

Already created are the First Year Students’ Caucus, the International Students’ Caucus and the Mature and Transfer Students’ Caucus. However, students are welcome to create a new caucus if they feel needs or problems aren’t being addressed by other meeting bodies in council.

“We wanted to empower students to have conversations about their own lived experiences,” said Alex Benac, USC vice-president internal. Benac, along with USC coordinators in the internal portfolio, will assist each caucus in setting up and scheduling meetings. Running these meetings and guiding discussions will be done by students themselves.

“Joining a caucus is not only a great way to connect with people from similar backgrounds, but it also can directly involve a student in decision-making. With each caucus, we’re looking to engage a groups who may think the council doesn’t reflect them. Now here’s a chance to create their own,” Benac continued.

A caucus can be created by gathering 20 signatures and following ratification procedures, such as setting goals and establishing a terms of reference. Individuals interested in starting one can contact Benac at


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