'DR. FAUSTUS': Theatre Review by Shalu Mehta

Doctor Faustus Review

Written by: Shalu Mehta

The Department of English at Western University’s production of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus is one I found was full of many surprises. As fantastical as the story already is, I really had to make use of my imagination in order to be fully immersed into the play. Nonetheless, once immersed, the events on stage were believable and persuasive as well.

A period production, the first thing I noticed was the minimal set. Wondering whether or not it was going to change or be added to, I soon realized that the excellent use of space and number of actors in the play really made up for the simple set design of a desk, chair and some books. Almost every actor exuded a great deal of presence, focusing attention on the actors rather than the background of the show. What little set and props there were, however, were used methodically to assist the actors and did not seem excess at all.

Jo Devereux, the director, made a performance choice of using four different actors to play Faustus. While slightly confusing between Acts I and II, each Faustus transitioned into the play very well afterward and the performance choice accentuated the change Faustus himself underwent as the show carried on.