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Learn more about the USC and your Arts Councillor!

What is the USC?

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  • Stands for University Students’ Council, represents all Western students

  • The executive team is made up of 6 students

  • A non-profit with a budget of over 30 million dollars

  • Primarily responsible for improving student experience, whereas the Senate is more about academic policy — though the two may often overlap

  • Advocates for student interests to the university

Impact on your daily life

  • Responsible for on-campus services like The Spoke, The Wave, The Purple Store

  • Hosts events like Rick McGhie nights and O-Week

  • Manages Peer Programs (ex. Public Arts Commission)

  • Works with LTC to organize bus passes


  • Meets regularly to discuss updates and bring up motions

  • Made up of executives, faculty presidents, and councillors

What is the Arts Councillor?



  • Elected position with voting rights that sits on the USC (University Students' Council) and AHSC (Arts and Humanities Students' Council)

  • Responsible for advocating on behalf of all arts students — acting on behalf of constituents, not solely personal convictions

Impact on your daily life

  • Works towards achieving platform goals outlined during the elections process (ex. keeping you informed on relevant motions)

  • Speaks and votes for arts students’ interests at meetings and during motion debates


  • Additionally sits on a USC standing committee (currently sitting on the University Affairs Standing Committee) and an AHSC committee (Constitution Review Committee)

  • One of two Arts representatives on the USC (along with the Arts President)

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About your current A&H Councillor

Celine Tsang

  • Platform goals are divided into Connection & Outreach, Representation & Advocacy, Equity & Wellness (for more details, just reach out!)

  • Passionate about issues such as improving student experience, giving arts a representative voice, and increasing access to mental health resources

  • Fun fact: diehard esports fan


Reach me at: (for my phone number, just email me!)


How could I get involved?

  • Become a volunteer for a USC program (ex. Food Support Services - Food Bank Volunteer)

  • Join an affiliated focus group or committee, as they come up during the year

  • Sit in on USC meetings and participate during motion debates

  • Apply for a CIA (coordinator, intern, associate) position, near the end of every school year 

  • Join a faculty council first, as a hired or elected position (ex. AHSC)

  • Become an employee at The Wave, The Spoke, The Purple Store, etc.

  • Check out this link for all current opportunities:

looking for Resources?

  • Checkout this infographic filled will many mental heath resources available for all Western Students:

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