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Learn more about the USC and your Arts Councillor!

What is the USC?

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  • Stands for University Students’ Council, represents all Western students

  • The executive team is made up of 6 students

  • A non-profit with a budget of over 30 million dollars

  • Primarily responsible for improving student experience, whereas the Senate is more about academic policy — though the two may often overlap

  • Advocates for student interests to the university

Impact on your daily life

  • Responsible for on-campus services like The Spoke, The Wave, The Purple Store

  • Hosts events like Rick McGhie nights and O-Week

  • Manages Peer Programs (ex. Public Arts Commission)

  • Works with LTC to organize bus passes


  • Meets regularly to discuss updates and bring up motions

  • Made up of executives, faculty presidents, and councillors

What is the Arts Councillor?

arts councillor


  • Elected position with voting rights that sits on the USC (University Students' Council) and AHSC (Arts and Humanities Students' Council)

  • Responsible for advocating on behalf of all arts students — acting on behalf of constituents, not solely personal convictions

Impact on your daily life

  • Works towards achieving platform goals outlined during the elections process (ex. keeping you informed on relevant motions)

  • Speaks and votes for arts students’ interests at meetings and during motion debates


  • Additionally sits on a USC standing committee (currently sitting on the University Affairs Standing Committee) and an AHSC committee (Constitution Review Committee)

  • One of two Arts representatives on the USC (along with the Arts President)

About your current A&H Councillor

Tiffany LIN

Hey Arts! As your arts councillor, I'm here to first and foremost be your primary contact for any concerns regarding student safety, experience, and advocacy. My platform is divided into three pillars:

  • Collaboration

  • Personability

  • Advocacy

During my time as councillor, I've been passionate about creating safe spaces for BIPOC students in government as well as increasing financial accessibility to mental health care.

  • Fun fact: I love to bullet journal! (Currently on my 5th one)


How could I get involved?

get involved
  • Become a volunteer for a USC program (ex. Food Support Services - Food Bank Volunteer)

  • Join an affiliated focus group or committee, as they come up during the year

  • Sit in on USC meetings and participate during motion debates

  • Apply for a CIA (coordinator, intern, associate) position, near the end of every school year 

  • Join a faculty council first, as a hired or elected position (ex. AHSC)

  • Become an employee at The Wave, The Spoke, The Purple Store, etc.

  • Check out this link for all current opportunities:

looking for Resources?

  • Checkout this infographic filled will many mental heath resources available for all Western Students:

Check out the latest updates from our Arts USC Councilor blog

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