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Graphic Design Commissioner

About the Role

  • Sit on the Promotions Committee, voting. 

  • Sit on the AHSC, non-voting. 

  • Be responsible for designing the visual and creative content of AHSC promotional materials, including, but not limited to posters, graphics, videos, and banners.


  • 0.5 Credit or more in the Faculty of Arts and Humanties in the 2021-2022 year

  • experience using graphic design software(s)

About the AHSC

The Arts and Humanities Students' Council (AHSC) stands to aid in the development of the goals outlined in the Mission Statement of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, to foster the pride and character of the our student body, facilitate the greatest student experience, and to communicate, interact, and cooperate with A&H students. We strive to provide academic, philanthropic, and social programming for all Arts and Humanities students and to foster an inclusive environment that caters to the diverse needs of our program.

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