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Advocacy Research Coordinator

About the Role

  •  Sit on the AHSC, ex-officio, non-voting. as Advocacy Research Coordinator 

  • Conduct thorough and relevant research with integrity to provide comprehensive educational resources for ASHC campaigns and other equity-based initiatives throughout the year 

  • Communicate project results and providing internal feedback to develop strategies to keep general Arts community members engaged in advocacy and research efforts iv. Work closely with Equity Policy Reviewer in ensuring that potential policy changes and equity statements are well-informed. Support in the creation of new papers/resources when/if deemed necessary 

  • Manage an organized digital equity and accessibility resources archive 

  • Assist in devising curriculum for AHSC EDI training during the summer and aiding in its execution as well as facilitating EDI training in-coming AHSC first-year representatives and other Fall-term hires


  • 0.5 Credit or more in the Faculty of Arts and Humanties in the 2021-2022 year

About the AHSC

The Arts and Humanities Students' Council (AHSC) stands to aid in the development of the goals outlined in the Mission Statement of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, to foster the pride and character of the our student body, facilitate the greatest student experience, and to communicate, interact, and cooperate with A&H students. We strive to provide academic, philanthropic, and social programming for all Arts and Humanities students and to foster an inclusive environment that caters to the diverse needs of our program.

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