The Presidential portfolio is comprised of a variety of positions, each dealing with a different aspect of AHSC’s external relations or internal management. The Alumni Relations Coordinator, USC Councillor, Head Soph, DC Commissioner, and First Year Representatives all manage relationships with different groups on or outside of campus. The Speaker and Administrative Assistant ensure all meetings and elections run smoothly. The new Equity Commissioner works to maintain the fairness, inclusivity, and accessibility of all AHSC practices as well as promote improvement in this field within both council and the larger A&H faculty. Overseeing this portfolio,  the President, assisted by the AVP, manages AHSC’s relationship with the University Students’ Council (USC), Western University, and the A&H Dean’s Office as well as oversees all of council.
Nicole Paldino

Program: Honours Specializtion in English Language and Literature, Minor in Women's Studies, Certificate in Pracitcal Italian

Lana Khudhur
AVP Presidential

Program: Honours Specialization in Creative Writing, English Language, and Literature 

Joyce Leung

Program: Double major in Linguistics and SASAH

Luke Lee Young
Administrative Assistant

Program: Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature, Major in Theatre Studies, Certificate in Practical French

Francesca DeNoble
Alumni Relations Commissioner

Program: Double Major in English Language & Literature and SASAH with a Minor in Italian

Alyssa Thulmann
DC Commissioner

Program: Honours Specializiation in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature

Christina Gonthier
Head Soph


Eva Alie
USC A&H Councillor

Program: Double Major in Sociocultural Anthropology and Feminist/Queer/Critical Race Theory

Tyrese Walters
FAM Senator


Matthew Dawkins
Equity Commissioner

Program: Double Major in SASAH and English Language and English Literature, Certificate in Spanish, Scholars Electives

Raghad El Niwairi
First Year Off-Campus Representative

Program: First year Film Studies



The Events portfolio is responsible for all social and philanthropic programming done by the AHSC. Overseen by the VP Events who is assisted by the AVP Events, the Philanthropy Coordinator hosts fundraising events for one local charity chosen each year, the Community Outreach Coordinator organizes collaborative events with members of the London community, and the Play Coordinator directs an annual play featuring various Western talent. The VP Events also organizes other large-scale events for the faculty. Key events include the A&H Formal, Date with a Book, Purple Sex, and more!
Lily Azzopardi
VP Events


Billie Hafeez
AVP Events


Ray Reid
Play Coordinator


Chava Bychutsky




The Communications portfolio can be broken down into two sides: social media & marketing and publications. On one side, the portfolio is responsible for ensuring that AHSC and all of its initiatives are well and accurately promoted to students. On the other, the portfolio organizes AHSC’s three publications each year: the first-year publication Premier, Semicolon which features academic essays, and Symposium which features creative work both visual and written. Catch the release of the latter two publications each semester by attending one of our launch parties!
Sophia Belyk
VP Communications

Program: Double major in SASAH & MIT, minor in French

Gareth Boyle
Promotions Coordinator

Program: English Literature with a double-minor in Creative Writing and Film

Stephanie Cowan
Video Design Commissioner

Program: Major in Linguistics and Certificate in Intercultural Communications for Arabic

Miles Bolton
Social Media Commissioner

Program: Double major in MIT and English with a minor in Creative Writing

Sophia Belyk
Website Design Commissioner

Program: Double major in SASAH & MIT, minor in French

Shannon Scott
Theatre Critic Commissioner


Bridget Koza
Graphic Design Commissioner

Program: Double major in SASAH and Studio Art/Art History with a minor in Spanish

Courtney Ward-Zbeetnoff

Program: Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature and a major in SASAH

Neha Khoral
AHSC Pubs Creative Managing Editor


Kaitlyn Lonnee
AHSC Pubs Academic Managing Editor


Cherin Chung
AHSC Pubs Layout Editor

Program: Honours Specialization in English with a French major

Britney Forget
AHSC Pubs Copy Editor

Program: Double major in English and SASAH with a philosophy minor



The Academics portfolio is an advocacy body that acts as your elected student representatives within council and the faculty. It is also a resource body that organizes programming to aid you in your studies and promote healthy work habits. Connect with your Department Representative to find out more about your department or to give feedback on your experience within the department. Reach out to our VP Academics, assisted by the AVP, for general information on this year’s academic advocacy initiatives, policies and resources, and upcoming events.
Sierra Joseph
VP Academics

Program: Double Major in SASAH and Women's Studies 

Julianna Ghosh
AVP Academics


Julia Froio
Classical Studies DR

Program: Honours Specialization in English Lang + Lit, Minor in Classics

Jack Bradley
English & Writing DR

Program: Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature, Minor in Political Science, Scholar's Electives

Celine Tsang
Linguistics & Mod. Lang. DR

Program: Double Major in SASAH and Linguistics

Robert Belanger-Polak
Philosophy DR

Program: Major in Philosophy

Matthew Dawkins

Program: Double Major in SASAH and English Language and Literature, Scholar's Electives

Stephanie Fattori
Visual Arts DR

Program: Honours Specialization Art History and Museum Studies

Erin Christensen
French Studies DR


Ziyana Kotadia

Program: Honours Specialization in Global Gender Studies



The AHSC is funded by the Student Donation Fund which comes from A&H student donations each year. Managing a budget of over 100k, the Finance Portfolio is responsible for ensuring that all AHSC expenses and therefore initiatives are financially feasible and fit the AHSC’s mandate of facilitating the greatest student experience in the faculty. This portfolio also works in the SDF Committee with various faculty members to allocate funding to student projects via the SDF Grant. Find out more about how we can support you in a project you want to launch HERE.
Emma Ford
VP Finance


Reese Berlin-Bromstein
AVP Finance


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