Vice President Equity Candidates

Isabella Isabage

Isabella Isabage

Hello, My name is Isabella .E. Isabage and I am your candidate for VP Equity on the Arts and Humanities Student Council. I’ve learned to never lose a winnable fight and the fight for Equity, inclusion, and diversification is one I intend to lead the AHSC to victory. I’m a first-year student pursuing a double major in English and SASAH with a minor in Transitional justice and post-conflict resolution.

Tiffany Lin

As my second year draws to a close, my interest in advocacy work only grows. I hope to bring my previous experience in advocacy and EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) into the role of VP Equity by creating meaningful and intentional relationships between AHSC departments as well as with the general Arts and Humanities community to build more equitable, and thus safer, spaces through education-focused initiatives that foster growth.

Vice President Academics Candidates

VP Finance

Reese Berlin-Bromstein

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Diyasha Sen

I’m so excited to announce my candidacy for the VP Academics position on AHSC! As a 3rd-year student in Western’s Gender Studies program, I am excited to (potentially) tackle the many barriers that exist for students in academic fields. This includes: facilitating diverse and inclusive spaces, consistently offering an open (and accessible) channel of communication, and ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary resources to flourish in our faculty!

Isabella DiMenna

Hi everyone! I am a first-year SASAH & political science student and I am running to be the next AHSC VP Academics. I am punctual, accountable, and love learning more than anything. In this role, I want to focus on discussions around decolonizing our institution, reducing the stigma surrounding receiving help for mental health or academic counseling, and bridging the communication gap between the AHSC and students.

Joyce Leung

As a 2nd-year linguistics and SASAH student, I believe that a continued learning experience, both in and outside of the classroom plays an important role in enhancing students' personal growth. I hope to increase engagement levels between council, faculty, and students from different academic backgrounds, as well as streamlining the academic support system for accessibility. Through these plans, I hope to make advocacy and academics a genuinely meaningful experience!

English And Writing DR Candidates

Gray Brogden

Hi, I’m Gray, and I am a SASAH and English & Creative Writing student who cares a lot about the arts! I am very excited to be running for the position of English and Writing Studies DR this year. I hope to increase communication within the department and to create more opportunities for students to meet and interact with each other. I am a published poet, avid reader, and lover of puzzles. I can’t wait to start my journey with the AHSC!

Kaitlyn Patterson

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be running to be your English and Writing Department Rep! With your support, I hope to create an environment where everyone in the department is able to have their voices heard. If elected, I will work to ensure that our department is free of prejudice and discrimination, as well as work to bring awareness to the various offerings available from our council. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to have your support!

Elena Delafontaine

My name is Elena Delafontaine and I am very excited to be running for the AHSC English and Writing Department Representative! I am in my second year at Western working to complete an Honours Specialization in English Literature and Creative Writing, and a major in Sociology.  I am immensely passionate about writing, and wish to use this enthusiasm to help foster a relationship with the community of Western!

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Visual Arts DR Candidates

Freya Lu

I am Freya Lu and I am running to be the representative for the Visual Arts Department on the Arts and Humanities Students' Council (AHSC). I am currently studying in the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) Program with Ivey AEO. It has been such an honor and I am super excited to be running alongside two other great candidates. My platform will be soon up and don’t hesitate to email me at

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Shelby Sammut

Hi everyone! My name is Shelby Sammut and I am so excited to be running for AHSC Visual Arts Department Representative for 2021/2022! I am in my third year at Western working toward earning a BFA with an Honours Specialization in Studio Art, and a minor in Sociology. I am constantly inspired by all the amazing talent at Western and can’t wait to dive further into this amazing community!

Darcy McVicar

Hi Everyone!  My name is Darcy McVicar and I am working on my second round trip at Western (BA '90).  I am gracious to be able to run for the Visual Arts representative for the 2021-22 academic year.  The Western Arts program (including Art History and Museum Studies) has a HUGE array of opportunities for the students during the entire academic year.  My main platform goal is to be able to deliver all the events and opportunities available to us all, in a timely, and accurate manner.  If elected, I will make myself readily available to the faculty and students.  Things have changed a lot since I first enrolled at Western in 1986, there is even something called the "Internet" and "e-mail" now!  I wish my fellow candidates the best of luck!  Have a great day!

Classics DR Candidate

French DR Candidate

Philosophy DR Candidate

Lily Azzopardi

Hey! I’m Lily and I’m going into my 3rd year pursuing an Honours Specialization in Classical Studies, a Minor in Ancient Greek and Latin Language, and a Certificate in Museum and Curatorial Studies. I was your VP Events this year on AHSC, I am also your current Consul for The Classics Society and have been re-elected to be Consul again next year. My ties to the Classics Department as well as my previous experience being a voting member on AHSC make me the perfect candidate to be your Classics Department Representative. I hope to use this experience to foster a strong sense of community, advocate on behalf of students, and spread the interest in Classical Studies within and outside of the Classics Department.

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Sydney Turner

Hi A&H! My name is Sydney Turner and I am humbled to be running for the position of Philosophy Department Representative for the AHSC! As a second-year student pursuing an Honours Specialization in Philosophy, I have cultivated a passion for philosophy and its intersectionality. My platform aims to provide the Philosophy Department and its students with the support and advocacy they deserve. I will foster an openly communicative environment in which students are engaged philosophically, both in and out of the classroom. I will work tirelessly to amplify all voices within the Philosophy Department and strengthen intradepartmental relationships and camaraderie. Overall, I will provide philosophy students with the space to grow and become the best versions of themselves!

Rachael Jensen

Hi, I'm Rachael! I am going into my third year at Western, in SASAH, studying Environment and Health and completing a minor in French! I love art, reading, nature, and learning. I am running for the French Department Representative while focusing on engagement, communication, and accessibility, with the hope to create a stronger sense of community as we emerge from what has been a taxing and isolated year as students.