Western Undergraduate Film Society

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Cameron Eidlitz


Christine Jurychuk

The Western Undergraduate Film Society (WUFS) is dedicated to helping you explore your 

interest in cinematic storytelling.  WUFS not only caters to those who love watching films by 

organizing the annual Western Undergraduate Film Festival and planning monthly 

screenings of cult and art-house films, but with our new weekly filmmaker workshops, we 

look forward to encouraging student productions both on-campus and beyond.  With this 

new aspect to our club, we hope to see even more participation and a larger selection of 

entries in our Film Festival which offers cash prizes for first, second, and third place (chosen 

by a panel of expert judges and industry professionals), as well as for the Audience 

Selection winner (chosen by audience vote).  WUFS also connects you with the Canadian 

film industry; helping you get in touch with both local productions in London and 

internships countrywide.  During exams, WUFS assists students studying film by offering 

peer-to-peer tutoring with students who have previously completed courses and are 

currently continuing further studies in these areas. As with all clubs, participation is 

essential to gain an optimal experience: tickets to our Film Festival are open to the public, 

and we welcome all undergraduate students to join us at screenings and to submit to the 

Western Undergraduate Film Festival (both free of charge).  If you are interested helping to 

plan any film related event, or if you have an idea for a film related event that you need 

help organizing, you can email our co-chairs at ceidlitz@uwo.ca and cjurychu@uwo.ca.