Women's Studies Student Collective

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Marie Kamukuny


Samantha Smyth

Dear Arts and Humanities Students,


We are Marie Kamukuny and Samantha Smyth, this year’s Women’s Studies Student Collective co-presidents. As two students who have been members of the Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research from first year, we are both dedicated and in love with our program! Women’s Studies and Feminist Research is more than just a department, it is filled with programs that promote creative thinking, learning outside the traditional standards and both academic and personal growth. The Women’s Studies Student Collective (WSSC) is responsible for expanding on that growth, allowing each individual to express themselves in a like-minded space where you can build a community outside of academics. Although we are small in numbers, the collective aims to be highly involved and active within Western University.


This year, as the collective co-presidents, we will be focusing on creating safe spaces on campus where Women’s Studies students can take a deep breath, discuss and grasp the intensity of the material we are introduced to. That is what we’re all about, creating these spaces and making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. In addition, we also aim to challenge and defeat the injustices that are present within our own community. All in all, we believe that it is important to take what you learn in the classroom and apply that knowledge to your everyday encounters. It is almost impossible to avoid doing so in our program, this is why the WSSC does more than simply represent Women’s Studies students but also involve and participate in feminist discussions and events. We welcome any individuals to join our collective and come to our events, if you have any questions or just 

want to talk please do not hesitate to contact either of us! 

Samantha Smyth: ssmyth22@uwo.ca 

Marie Kamukuny: mkamukun@uwo.ca