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Ronnie Clarke


Hi Western!

My name is Ronnie Clarke, and I am this year's President of VASA: the Visual Arts 

Supporters Association at Western! We are an association dedicated to supporting the visual arts, our students, the department and the arts community here on campus at Western.

First, to each and every first year student, welcome to Western! Coming to Western is a life changing experience. The Western community is made up of students and faculty who encourage and support each other. We as a student community will always have your back and are here to support you. The Arts and Humanities not only has the best dances during Frosh Week but has many more things to offer! When I got to know my faculty, I really knew I was in the right place.


Whether you are an artist, an arts supporter or just curious to know what we're about, VASA hosts a number of events open to all students at Western. A number of these events, like art sales, social nights, screenings and shows will happen right here on campus. We make these events to give the opportunity for students to meet, to promote their artwork, to get to know each other and to work together. VASA is a network of students for students, and this year we're putting art on the map.


There are a number of ways to get involved with VASA! Find our executive team at one of our department events or submit your art into a show. Send us an email or stay current with our Facebook page and events 

( if you'd like to know more about us! We can't wait for September and everything Western has to offer.


Best wishes future Mustangs!


Ronnie Clarke