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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

Any creative works, visual art, or essays that have been submitted for consideration outside Symposium and Semicolon MUST be disclosed! Please send all submissions to 

For Symposium submissions:

  • Subject line: Spring 2018 Symposium Submission  

  • Pieces MUST be titled to be considered

  • Include your name as you would like it to appear in Symposium

  • All written content must be submitted as a .docx file

  • Send photos of visual arts in .jpg or PDF format

  • If any creative writing was written for a class, please include the course code and the writing prompt, if applicable

  • Include any specifications for formatting (for poetry, etc.)

  • Word Count: 1500 words max.

For Semicolon submissions:

  • Subject line: Spring 2018 Semicolon Submission

  • Essay must have been previously written for an A&H course on main campus, and received a grade of 80% or higher

  • Include your name as you would like it to appear in Semicolon

  • Your essay must be submitted in .docx format

  • Include the course code and grade received for the essay

  • A works cited page must be included at the end of the essay; essays without works cited will not be considered, unless specified that the essay contains no borrowed material

  • Word Count: 2500 words max.

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