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This is a form created to provide students with a platform to voice the experiences that perpetuate a harmful culture. Academia and general life at Western are mired in antiquated ways of thinking that result in the onus being placed on students to be socially conscious. Especially in the Arts and Humanities faculty, where much of the content revolves around social progression and humanistic analysis. Basically, we’re likely to be the “woke” friend.


The inherent responsibility placed on students leads to observations and situations of moral dichotomy between students and the space they inhabit.


Please feel free to provide as much information regarding the event. Some prompt questions:

What happened?

Answer details to inform our audience. Where did it take place, when did it occur and is it ongoing, who is involved and how did you find out about it?

How is this a larger problem at Western?

Consider the larger issue at hand to justify why this issue matters. How does this experience effect the current and future students? Suggest ways the Western Community can create impact. 

How did this make you feel?

Mention what emotions occurred within yourself or with others when a certain situation unfolded. How did it influence other aspects in your life?

A reminder that these questions do not need to be answered, they are presented to just guide your thinking. Please include whatever you deem necessary, the more information the better!


Your personal information is not necessary for submission. If you would like to remain anonymous, please submit the form with only the journal entry filled.

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