Presidential Portfolio Introduction


Hello and welcome to the presidential portfolio tab! Among other things, the presidential tab is responsible for organizing first year events, being a liaison between AHSC and the USC, hosting a speaker event, promoting council wellbeing, and maintaining council structure during meetings. Check on this page throughout the year to learn more about our events and resources!

Presidential Portfolio Position Breakdown


President: Oversees and helps plan all events and programming run by the AHSC. Also the Chair of the Constitution Review Committee and the Executive committee, sits on the SDF committee and on USC meetings.

AVP Presidential: Assists President with responsibilities, Chair of the First Year committee and the Departmental Committees committee.

Alumni Relations Commissioner: Connects students to A&H alumni through initiatives that aim to increase interaction and networking opportunities for A&H students.

Speaker: Conducts council meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, leads council meetings, creates meeting agendas and keeps track of demerit points.

Head Soph: Manages the A&H sophs, as well as creating the soph budget and planning the A&H itinerary for Orientation Week.

A&H USC Councillor Representative: Represents the A&H student body on the University Students’ Council.

Resident Representatives: Represents first year A&H students on the AHSC, distribute promotional material within residence, also plan AHSC events for first year students.

    - 2 South Side Representatives (Ontario, Essex, Perth)

    - 2 East Side Representatives (Medway- Sydenham, Delaware, Elgin, Saugeen Maitland)

    - 1 Off Campus Representative


First Year Residence Representatives and Portfolio Associates

First Year Portfolio Associate

There are four Portfolio Associates on council: Events, Academics, Communications and Finance.

Throughout the year Portfolio Associates will be responsible for helping the portfolio plan and run events and programming specific to that portfolio.

- Events Portfolio Associate: First Year Events Portfolio Associate will help plan our A&H formal dance, help organize philanthropy initiatives, assist the AHSC Play Director with the play and shadow the VP Events in her day to day responsibilities.

- Finance Portfolio Associate: First Year Finance Portfolio Associate will assist the AVP Finance with the SDF Grant applications and committee planning, work on maintaining the budget with the VP Finance, learn about about how the AHSC's finances work as well as shadow the VP Events in his day to day responsibilities.

- Communications Portfolio Associate: First Year Communications Portfolio Associate will the portfolio with the creation of our four publications, as well as work with our social media and website commissoners to maintain the AHSC public image.

- Academic Portfolio Associate: First Year Academic Portfolio Associate will work with the AHSC Department Reps to plan academic programming and initatives for A&H students, as well as work with faculty and students to relay student concerns and feedback about A&H programs.

A&H Residence Representative

There are five residence representatives on council: two from East Side (Saugeen, Delaware, Elgin and Med Syd), two from South Side (Essex, Ontario and Perth) and one from Off Campus.

Throughout the year Residence Representatives will be responsible for communicating with the A&H students in their residence about events and programming the AHSC organizes. Residence representatives will also have the opportunity to sit on AHSC committees, as well as plan their own event for A&H students! 

Thank you to all of those who applied to our first year residence rep and portfolio associate positions! More information about first year initatives will be provided soon.




Feb. 7th is the Career Networking Event!






For more information, check out our Alumni & Student Interview tab here.

A&H Leadership Mixer

On Wednesday September 28th 2016 the Arts and Humanities Students’ Council, the Arts and Humanities Soph Team, Arts and Humanities representatives for LAMP 1.0 and LAMP 2.0 met to discuss how to work together as a group to represent the student body.

We discussed how each group aims to assist A&H students, the events traditionally run by each group of leaders and how we can help each other with a stronger turn out to these events.

If you see this sticker, you are near an Arts and Humanities Council member, soph or LAMP leader! Ask them any questions you have about Arts and Humanities, they are here to help!

A&H Leadership Mixer Pictures


Thank you to our AVP Sarah Gilpin for organizing this wonderful event!


A&H and the USC

The University’s Students’ Council consists of students from every faculty at Western University who work together to enhance the educational experience and quality of life for all undergraduates at The University of Western Ontario. The voting members on council are elected by the student body and their main duty is to serve the needs of their constituents. The USC acts as an advocacy group, a service provider, and a student leadership developer for all Western students.

Your A&H USC Representatives are Carina Gabriele and Kate Moran. Check out more about Kate here.

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AHSC Departmental Commitees

Presidents of the Departmental Committees will sit on AHSC meetings as well as their respective committee. A designated member is responsible for maintaining contact with the AVP Presidential to keep them informed of events. AHSC has six Departmental Committees:   


The Coterie: Undergraduate English Society The Coterie seeks to improve experiences relating to English on campus through opportunities to share work, connect with peers, and create awareness regarding where English can take you beyond Western. They host a variety of events, such as poetry events, writing socials, and academic and career information sessions.


The Western Undergraduate Film Society (WUFS): WUFS dedicates their time to help students explore interest in cinematic storytelling. They organize Western’s Annual Undergraduate Film Festival, and plan a variety of filmmaker workshops and student production based events.


Visual Arts Supporters Association (VASA): VASA is a collection of students dedicated to supporting the visual arts on Western’s campus. They host many different events throughout the year, such as art sales, bake sales, social nights, and screenings


French Student Association (FSA): FSA strives to promote studying French at Western through connecting students to opportunities to develop their language skills, and sharing the idea that French is important to more than just Arts and Humanities students.


Women’s Studies Student Collective (WSSC): WSSC expands on the creative thinking and learning outside of traditional standards promoted by the department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research. Throughout the year, WSSC focuses on creating safe spaces on campus for Women’s Studies students, and aims to challenge any injustices present on campus.


Iconoclast: Iconoclast is a brand new, interdisciplinary blog and publication dedicated to created content about art, culture, and politics. Their publications will feature visual art, photography, media and film, musical critiques and reflections, creative thinking, think pieces, personal essays, and fashion writing.