Within and outside of Western are plays of all kinds--thought-provoking and emotive, shocking and tantalizing, heartwarming and humorous. No matter the kind, someone from our theatre critic committee will be there in the audience, taking note. Discover some of the best of London’s theatre by staying tuned to our theatre reviews, published here and on our social media. Better yet, join our committee and get some critic practice and publishing experience of your own! Connect with our Theatre Critic Commissioner Shannon Scott (featured to the left) at sscot52@uwo.ca for more details.

March 4, 2016



The Theatre Studies program at Western has chosen an ambitious production for its introductory showcase, and Paradise Lost begins what is hopefully the first of many successful productions from the newly formed program. John Milton’s Paradise Lost may seem like a rather onerous and well-trodden adaptation, as there have been many failed attempts to adapt the text to both stage and film; however the one-man (and three puppet) play proves to be an extremely enjoyable and well-developed productio...

January 23, 2016

King’s Players’ The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is the Catalina Wine Mixer of stage productions. A night with limitless possibilities, the perfect showcase for one to live up to the promise within oneself; whether one be a forty-something aspiring event planner, or a twelve-year-old speller with a dream. Fantasies will be shattered; love will be found and lost, purpose discovered, hopes fulfilled, all due to the goddamn 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.


Director Hailey Hill and...

December 6, 2015


The Trials of Robin Hood is the most pleasurable experience I have had in a theatre. Where else do characters literally put you in your seat? Where else can one be knighted by a King during intermission? The theme of childlike fun and adventure is established from the outset, and does not leave until the show is over. Directed by Ceris Thomas, and produced by John McKenzie, the London Community Players’ holiday offering is the perfect choice for a season which is supposed to be filled with wond...

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