Within and outside of Western are plays of all kinds--thought-provoking and emotive, shocking and tantalizing, heartwarming and humorous. No matter the kind, someone from our theatre critic committee will be there in the audience, taking note. Discover some of the best of London’s theatre by staying tuned to our theatre reviews, published here and on our social media. Better yet, join our committee and get some critic practice and publishing experience of your own! Connect with our Theatre Critic Commissioner Shannon Scott (featured to the left) at sscot52@uwo.ca for more details.

November 25, 2016

Some of us during our lives will be called upon to perform the role of juror, a solemn and important public duty. 12 Angry Men depicts the importance of this public duty while reminding us of the ease with which humans fall into error. We then have a stark contrast between the coldness of the judiciary system, an abstract body which must draw the line, and the often hot tempers of the people executing the system. Theatre Western’s production provided an intriguing look into the private lives of...

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