Within and outside of Western are plays of all kinds--thought-provoking and emotive, shocking and tantalizing, heartwarming and humorous. No matter the kind, someone from our theatre critic committee will be there in the audience, taking note. Discover some of the best of London’s theatre by staying tuned to our theatre reviews, published here and on our social media. Better yet, join our committee and get some critic practice and publishing experience of your own! Connect with our Theatre Critic Commissioner Shannon Scott (featured to the left) at sscot52@uwo.ca for more details.

The Perfect Show to Brighten Up Your Essay Season: A Review of Theatre Western’s Production of Prese

Present Laughter (directed by Matias Wharton) does not go a few minutes without sending you into a fit of laughter. Written by Noel Coward in 1939, the play demonstrates that humour can span generations. Theatre Western certainly does justice to this energetic piece. Last year, Theatre Western brought Posh to the stage and in 2017, the on-campus company chose to perform Our Town. Present Laughter was a perfect choice to follow a few years of dramatic content. The show follows a few days in the life of Garry Essendine (Daniel Griffin), a 40-year-old actor who refuses to get tied down by the trappings of adulthood. When tasked with travelling to Africa for a tour, Garry must occupy his last fe

This Show Will Make Your Heart Rate Rise: A Review of The Runner at the Grand Theatre

Let me preface this review by saying that The Runner is one of the best shows that I have seen at the Grand Theatre. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is the best show I’ve seen at the Grand Theatre. The show, written by Christopher Morris of Human Cargo and directed by Daniel Brooks, is brilliant in all aspects. The Runner follows Jacob (Christopher Rand), an Orthodox Jewish man and a volunteer for ZAKA, in the heat of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Jacob does not know where he is or what is happening to him, so he must recall the events leading up to his current situation. He begins by recounting the responsibilities of his job; one being gathering body parts from affected in

This One’s For You Londoners! A Review of This London Life at the Grand Theatre

This London Life is a brand new production commissioned by artistic director Dennis Garnhum. According to the program, it is the first of five commissions under a program called “COMPASS” that will guide playwrights to tell stories for the Grand Theatre stage. The play is both written and directed by Morris Panych, who has previously appeared on the Grand Theatre stage himself. Needless to say, this show is a great representation of the 2019/20 tagline: “World Curious. London Proud.” The comedic show follows the story of a foster child named Walter (played by Ryan Shaw) and his neighbour, “Nan” (Wendy Thatcher), who have just brought home a first year university student named Emery Thompson.


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