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WATCH is a new initiative of the AHSC for the 2021-2022 school year. An extension and evolution of the AHSC’s Arts and Theatre Community Committee, WATCH aims to bring together a diverse spectrum of theatre lovers and theatre curious in a safe and supportive community. Whether you have years of theatre-going experience, or whether you
have never watched live theatre before, WATCH aims to be a fun, engaging, and educational space for anyone who wants to learn and share in the experience of viewing and discussing the performing arts. With an eye towards professional criticism, WATCH also hopes to train
student-critics by encouraging the development of analytical, critical, and review-writing skills in a low-pressure environment. Whether you simply wish to participate through patronage or actively work towards
improving your skills as a critic, there is a place for you at WATCH! 


Check us out on Facebook or email us at if you
want to get involved or even if you want to learn more!

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Latest reviews

Latest reviews

Meet our Theatre Community Commissioner Cole Van Der Velden!

A new member on this year’s council, Cole is a second-year SASAH student working towards an Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature. He has a background in both amateur and professional performing arts, having been an actor, dancer, musician, and award-winning critic. Cole is also a member of the Mustang Varsity Skating Team with both competitive and professional figure skating experience. Cole brings a wide range of theatrical and performing arts experience to his role of Theatre Community Commissioner, as well as a passion to see a diverse and inclusive community formed around the performing arts at Western and beyond.

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