Within and outside of Western are plays of all kinds--thought-provoking and emotive, shocking and tantalizing, heartwarming and humorous. No matter the kind, someone from our theatre critic committee will be there in the audience, taking note. Discover some of the best of London’s theatre by staying tuned to our theatre reviews, published here and on our social media. Better yet, join our committee and get some critic practice and publishing experience of your own! Connect with our Theatre Critic Commissioner Shannon Scott (featured to the left) at sscot52@uwo.ca for more details.

'DREAM A LITTLE DREAM': Theatre Review by Emma Barraclough

The Grand Theatre’s production of “Dream A Little Dream: The nearly true story of The Mamas and The Papas” follows the story of the quick rise and fall of the iconic 60’s band The Mamas and The Papas. The musical, written by late band member Denny Doherty and playwright Paul Ledoux, began as a monologue performance, before turning into the full production it is now. It tells the story of how four downtrodden, broke, musical artists hit the big time and all the problems that came along with it. It is a light hearted story with sharp wit that had the audience burst into laughter on various occasions. It also kept in mind the harsh political situations of the time such as the assassination of

'PERFECT PIE': Theatre Review by Maddie Storvold

Perfect Pie, by Judith Thompson, follows the story of two friends, depicting their childhood together and the resonating effect it has on both of their later lives. Now-famous Francesca is coaxed back to her hometown by her dear and domesticated friend, Patsy. Together, they rediscover the joy they once found in each other’s company, and the pain that it inadvertently dredges up. Their dialogue alludes to a long period of separation and the mysterious and seemingly traumatic events that preceded it. The story alternates between scenes from the past and the present, slowly revealing the secret that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat for the entirety of the performance. It contrasts

'INTO THE WOODS': Theatre Review by Shalu Mehta

First and foremost I would like to say I have not seen the recent film version of Into the Woods and do not think I have to after seeing such a wonderful performance put on by Theatre Western. Rather than completely romanticising the magical elements of Into the Woods, Theatre Western made it both funny and heart warming at the same time. The humour in the script was brought out by the physicality of the actors and commendable sound effects while the musical itself was made to be beautifully magical with the aesthetics of set, costume and lighting. Director Gillian Hosick made great use of the stage with the wonderful set pieces used throughout the show. It kicked off with an opening number


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