Within and outside of Western are plays of all kinds--thought-provoking and emotive, shocking and tantalizing, heartwarming and humorous. No matter the kind, someone from our theatre critic committee will be there in the audience, taking note. Discover some of the best of London’s theatre by staying tuned to our theatre reviews, published here and on our social media. Better yet, join our committee and get some critic practice and publishing experience of your own! Connect with our Theatre Critic Commissioner Shannon Scott (featured to the left) at sscot52@uwo.ca for more details.

'THE NORMAL HEART': Theatre Review by Sydney Brooman

Whether it is through moments of unapologetic laughter or solemn silence, Larry Kramer's "The Normal heart" is nothing short of an emotional experience that leaves the most distinct and memorable of impressions. John McKenzie directs this riveting portrayal of the 1980's play about the early years of the AIDS epidemic, an ordeal that was largely ignored for many reasons. Though the story follows Ned Weeks, a loud, confrontational, homosexual, New Yorker struggling through his attempts to bring awareness to the epidemic, the play is also a looking glass into an important time in human history. While the performance grapples with the effects of the disease at its most concrete, medical forms,

'PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM': Theatre Review by Andrea Holstein

Theatre Western’s fall play this season is Woody Allen’s Play it Again, Sam. To give you all a quick intro to the piece, this comedy centers on Allan, who has recently been left by his wife and is looking for love in New York City in the late 1960s. Allan’s two best friends, Dick, and his wife, Linda, coax Allan through the process of dating. This process is helped along (or hindered) with the introduction of Allan’s “shoulder angels”: his idol, Humphrey Bogart, and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Nancy. The first half of the play focuses heavily on the development of the characters. Allan, played by River Ewing, paces back-and-forth across the stage, caught up in relentless—and ridiculous—neurotic

'HOSANNA': Theatre Review Written by Kristen Nadal

Michel Tremblay’s Hosanna details the deeply complicated and rather comical relationship of Hosanna, a transsexual drag queen obsessed by Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, and Cuirette, a fiery middle-aged biker, both residents of Montréal, Quebec. Upon first glance it would seem that this play would only shock its viewers with its colourful language, graphic sexual content, and long moments watching a man perform in nothing but black lace lingerie. However, at its root, Hosanna sheds light on many crucial issues affecting and facing members of the LGBT community today, including gender and sexual identity, homophobia, self-acceptance, and the fear of growing old. The location of the show, the P

'DR. FAUSTUS': Theatre Review by Shalu Mehta

Doctor Faustus Review Written by: Shalu Mehta The Department of English at Western University’s production of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus is one I found was full of many surprises. As fantastical as the story already is, I really had to make use of my imagination in order to be fully immersed into the play. Nonetheless, once immersed, the events on stage were believable and persuasive as well. A period production, the first thing I noticed was the minimal set. Wondering whether or not it was going to change or be added to, I soon realized that the excellent use of space and number of actors in the play really made up for the simple set design of a desk, chair and some books. Almost


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