Alumni Relations

Hello Arts and Humanities undergraduate students! Are you looking for an opportunity that will provide you with resume-building, professional communication, interview and publication experience? Then look no further than the new AHSC Alumni and Student Interview program!  

This year, the AHSC is launching a new program to connect Arts and Humanities alumni with current undergraduate students enrolled in an Arts and Humanities module. This program provides an opportunity for students to connect with A&H alumni and conduct an interview that will be published on the Arts and Humanities Students’ Council website and advertised across all of our social media, as well as the Arts and Humanities faculty social media. Student participants will be selected through an application and interview process, and then matched with an alumnus volunteer in October. The interview will most likely focus on both the alumnus’ academic experiences at Western, and post-graduate work. This program is aimed to enhance the professional development of students by equipping them with resume-building tools and knowledge necessary to plan a future in the Arts and Humanities. Our goal for this program is that through the publishing opportunity for our students, with the focus of the publication being our esteemed alumni, a level of communication and one-on-one time between students and alumni will create a small-scale mentorship program where a student can see where graduates are today and how they got there. This program has a very specific goal that will hopefully encourage an efficient and successful outcome for both alumni and student participants.

             Students interested in volunteering for this opportunity are encouraged to fill out an application located here. The application is extended to be due by October 7th at 4pm to Upon filling out and submitting an application, you will receive an interview between October 7thand 13th. After the interview process, A&H students

will be selected to participate in the program, and will be individually matched with alumni volunteers. The alumni and student participants will be sent an introductory email to their program partner from the Alumni Relations Commissioner on October 14th. At that time, students and alumni will then be able to discuss and select an interview method that works best for them. Some methods include Skype, email, telephone, or in-person interviews. The interviews will be conducted around the schedules of both participants. The amount of hours dedicated to this program completely depends on what form of communication you and your alumni volunteer choose, as well as how integrated of a process you would like to make this experience. If you choose to take part in this program, ample contact information and guiding deadlines will be provided to both students and alumni throughout the process so as to encourage a transparent and fluid process. Student’s interview articles are due January 13th at 4pm and the estimated publication of the article will be between February and March of 2017. An opportunity to provide feedback about the program will be sent to all participants after all articles have been published. The feedback will take the form of an anonymous online survey that will allow valuable insight and suggestions to be collected from participants and volunteers in order to continue improving the program to ensure continued success.

              If you have any questions regarding the Alumni and Student Interview program please email the Arts and Humanities Students’ Council’s Alumni Relations Commissioner at


What dates should I know?

  • Applications will be live between September 12th and October 7th 2016

  • Interviews will be held between October 7th and October 13th and successful applicants will be notified via email from the AHSC Alumni Commissioner

  • Students will be matched with an alumnus volunteer on October 14th

  • Final interviews will be collected in January and published on our AHSC website, and advertised through AHSC social media, Arts and Humanities faculty social media and  potentially Western social media throughout the remainder of the school year

Where do I find the application?

  • The application will be available on our website under Documents>Applications

  • Here


Students will be provided with multiple suggestions and tools to aid in the interview process and be given a feedback form at the end of the program in order to ensure the Alumni Commissioner can continue to provide a successful program.


Check back on this page throughout the year to read the wonderful interviews created by A&H students and alumni!