All of the members of our Academic Portfolio!

Look at those lovely faces!

Front Row, Left to Right: Isabella, Devon, and Laura

Back Row, Left to Right: Chloë, Samantha, Patricia, Chrisinda, Lyndon, Emma, Jaqueline, and Misha 

Some DRs after our first Department Representative Roundtable Meeting!

Left to right: Patricia, Chrisinda, Misha, Laura, Isabella, Devon, Samantha

Change Camp

Change Camp

 IGAB Atrium

Happened September 22, 6:30-8:00PM

Are you passionate about academics and mental health? How can the A&H faculty improve its academic resources? What would you like to see in a Pre-Professional Program? 


We want to hear your thoughts and concerns on academic issues that matter to you! Change Camp is an AHSC event that provides a forum outside of the classroom for students and faculty to discuss academic change!


All attendees  are encouraged to participate in this event! Write your ideas and thoughts about current academic issues on post-it notes and share them on our discussion boards! Join a focus group to share your opinions! 


Take the opportunity to discuss what matters to you with your fellow peers and professors! Food and refreshments will be provided! Join the discussion on September 22, 6:30-8:00PM in the IGAB Atrium!

Change Camp Pictures

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